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Live Super Sic Bo Is a Reimagining of an Old Favorite

The time-honored dice game known as Sic Bo has been brought smack dab into the present with the help of a brand-new release from the industry-leading developer Evolution Gaming. Live Super Sic Bo can be played on both desktop and mobile platforms, and in addition to incorporating a live dealer, it also offers players the opportunity to win more money than they might in a standard Sic Bo game thanks to the inclusion of random multipliers that can be worth up to 1000 times their original wager.

A Brief Overview of Sic Bo

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the game, Sic Bo is a form of dice gambling in which players wager on the outcome of a shaker containing three dice. The game may be traced back to ancient China, but it wasn’t until the early 20th century that it was introduced to western culture. Since then, it has become firmly entrenched in western casinos as a very popular game of chance.

The game of Sic Bo, much like roulette, offers players a variety of betting options, ranging from those that involve relatively low levels of risk (such as betting on the total of the three dice being odd or even) to those that involve higher levels of risk (such as betting that the three dice will show numbers that you specify). Players can choose to bet on anything from the total of the three dice being odd or even to betting that the three dice will show numbers that they specify. The wagers are recorded on a table layout, and a dealer is responsible for running the game.

The Reasons Why Live Super Sic Bo Is Unique

The game of Live Super Sic Bo provides players with all of the excitement that is associated with a conventional game of Live Sic Bo, but with the significant addition of multipliers that are arbitrarily awarded to specific bet places. After all of the players have put their wagers, multipliers may be arbitrarily distributed to 0 or more of the bet positions. After that, the game continues as usual, and the outcome of anyone’s bet that was placed successfully on a bet location that included a multiplier will be determined by using the multiplier that was associated with that bet spot. With random multipliers of up to a thousand times in play, this feature offers players the opportunity to win a significant amount regardless of the type of wager they place.

The Statement Made by Evolution Gaming

“Sic Bo has not changed in the last 100 years, but we have done something players will love to this classic game – added random multipliers of up to 1000x!” according to Todd Haushalter, Chief Product Officer of Evolution, who made the statement. We believe that this Sic Bo game is the most enjoyable for players anywhere in the world, and we are confident that they will enjoy it. This version of sic bo is completely true to the original, however there is a significant increase in the stakes. New players won’t have any trouble picking it up, but Sic Bo veterans will find it to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The incredibly entertaining user interface, in addition to the high payout RNG feature, will appeal to the greatest number of players possible, even those who play slots.

Our Conclusion and Verdict

A person who enjoys playing traditional table games will find that Live Super Sic Bo offers everything that they might want, in addition to an additional opportunity to rack up a significant victory. Visit a Live Casino today to give the game a whirl and see what you think of it; we think you will enjoy it as much as we do, so give it a shot and let us know what you think!

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